High Speed CNC Machining up to 5 axis

Close tolerance machining in all alloys, prototype to production.

Aluminum Brazed Assemblies

Complete in house design and manufactruing of all tooling and details including final machining.

Services we Offer:

CNC Machining:

We offer in house CNC machining services in all alloys, with 3 axis vertical, 3 + 2 axis indexing; and full 5 axis high speed machining. Machine programming is done with GIBBS Cam utilizing direct CAD imports, and virtual tool path validation on screen prior to sending any file to the machining center. Advanced tool paths are created using integrated Volumill software dramatically reducing cycle time and increasing tool life. State-of-the-Art on machine probing is used for Cutter set up; wear monitoring; part set up; and in process validations. Benefits are reduced costs, increased accuracy, and reduced lead times
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Aluminum Brazed Assemblies:

With over 35 years experience in the design and manufacturing of complex CNC machined and brazed assemblies we offer the in house control of the critical processes of detail design, construction methods, all detail and tooling fabrication and final machining processes. We create the detail and tooling design in CAD, modeling the fit, form, and function, running engineering studies for fit up, tolerance analysis, stress, flow, and thermal when required to validate our design prior to release to manufacturing. Our subcontract braze partners are closely monitored to assure compliance with applicable specifications and quality requirements.Click here to learn more

CAD Design and Analysis:

Using the latest SolidWorks CAD software we are able to create solid models of individual components to complex assemblies. Our designers have over 35 years experience with design of complex aluminum brazed assemblies in both Salt Bath and Vacuum Brazed configurations. Our experience spans the range of single CNC machined components to complex assemblies and design to specification applications. A variety of analysis methods are used including stress / strain ; displacement visualization under load; kinematic motions studies; tolerance analysis; and others as needed to assure a high degree of design validation while still in CAD saving cost and lead time. Our in house processes support customer's DPD / MBD requirements by validating back to the Authority Dataset for any file translations.

Precision Inspection:

Inspection processes range from manual inspection using various gauging on surface plates to Solid model CAD based DCC CMM automated inspection in a climate controlled lab environment. First article inspections, in process, and final inspections are conducted and documented. Dimensional reports can be provided in various formats, including AS9102 when required. Subcontract inspection, or inspection programming services can be provided to support customer requirements based on the latest version of PC-DMIS CAD software.

GTAW / GMAW Welding:

Welded assemblies are created using MIG and TIG in steels, stainless, and aluminum alloys.

Parametric Design in Solidworks CAD

Solids based parametric design and analysis allows our designers to create accurate models.

DEA Direct Computer Controlled CMM

PC-DMIS inspection software controlling a Hexagon DEA SCIROCCO DCC CMM.

Welded Assemblies

Fabricating welded assembies using wire feed GMAW and TIG in steel, stainless, and aluminum alloys.

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